Q: My water heater is leaking. How do I shut the water off to it?
A: Turn off the valve on the cold water line above the heater. If it's a round knob, turn it several times to the right until it stops. If it's a lever handle, turn it 1/4 turn until it stops. Turn off the gas supply feeding the water heater. This is located on the black (gas) line. If you have trouble with the valve you could turn the knob on the gas thermostat from the on position past pilot to off. If your water heater is electric, turn off the power at the circuit panel.

Typically this all you have to do to secure the unit and prevent any further damage until the plumber arrives.

When you do call for a water heater replacement it's a good idea to have the make/model and serial numbers with U.S gallons ready to provide us. Those numbers will be able to give us everything we need to know.

Q: My disposal has stopped running. What do I do?
A: If your disposal stops grinding, here are a few tips that could prevent a service call:
A.) Unit hums but won't grind: turn off the electric switch to the disposal. Find your Allen wrench/key provided with your disposal. Insert this into the hole located in the center of the bottom of the disposal, turn the key left then right to free it up. Remove the key, push the reset button and try the disposal again.
B.) If the unit doesn't make any noise, turn off the switch and feel under the disposal for the reset button which could pop on overload. Just push it in and try the disposal again.

*You may also refer to your owner's manual for step by step picture instructions.

Q: How do I shut off the water to the house?
A: Find the water meter located inside the house, if you have a basement it's typically located in the front of the house. If you are on a crawl space, slab or condo it should be by your water heater or in a mechanical room. Once you located the meter there are valves before and after, we recommend you shut off the valve after the meter but either one will do. If it's a round handle turn it to the right several complete turns until it stops. If it's a lever handle turn it 1/4turn until it stops.

If you are on a well system, shut off the valve after the well tank and turn off the electric power at the circuit panel.

Q: I need to have my water heater replaced. Do I need to pull a permit for this?
A: Most villages and cities requite a permit be pulled for the replacement of the heater. We recommend that the owner take out a permit and pay the fees that way they are able to schedule a time to be home for the final inspection.

Q: I have just received a letter from my village stating that I need my Backflow Prevention Device (RPZ, Double Check, etc.) inspected and certified. Is this absolutely necessary and what is the purpose of this device?
A: Typically, the backflow device in your home is either for the irrigation system or fire sprinkler system. These devices are to keep out the bad, possibly contaminated water, from the potable drinking water. The State of Illinois requires these devices be tested yearly to assure they are working properly. They must be tested by a licensed plumber/certified cross control device inspector. The report is then forwarded to the city/village.

Q: I am going out of town for a couple months this winter. Will just shutting my water off and draining my taps be good enough?
A: If you are leaving the house unattended, we recommend it be winterized to prevent any issues with water damage from frozen/burst pipes.

Q: How often should my battery in my backup pump be replaced?
A: We go by what the pump manufacturer states for your particular system, i.e. Zoeller Aquanot 3 years.

Q: My water bill is suddenly high. What could cause this?
A: Usually a running toilet will cause your bill to spike, and therefore you will want to repair as soon as possible.