Posted on 2/11/2014

A septic system allows a homeowner whose property is not connected to a sewer main to enjoy the amenities and conveniences of modern plumbing. If you rely on a septic tank for wastewater treatment in your home, you probably don’t even think about your septic tank most days. As long as you give your septic tank the maintenance it needs and refrain from putting anything down the drain that doesn’t belong in the septic tank, you can continue to live your day-to-day life without thinking about the system.

Open Septic Tank In Yard With Lid Showing Waste

Decomposable Materials Only
The first rule of septic tank care is to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts. For instance, don’t flush any synthetic solids down the drain. From diapers and sanitary pads to dental floss, these things can and will interfere with your septic system’s performance if they don’t clog the drain on their way down. Harsh chemicals, including those found in household cleaners and caustic drain openers, should not be allowed to enter your system. In the kitchen, make an effort to throw away grease rather than pour it down the drain.

Efficient Water Use
For your septic tank to effectively treat wastewater, it must not be overloaded. Only run your dishwasher and washing machine when no one is showering. If you have a lot of laundry to do, don’t do load after load. It is fine to use water fairly consistently throughout the day, but it is important to space out activities that introduce large volumes of water into the system at once so your septic system has time to process the water.

Routine Inspections
As long as everyone in your household is mindful of the plumbing on your property, your septic system should not need frequent attention. You should hire a plumbing professional to inspect your tank and drainfield every two or three years. Arrange to have your tank pumped before its contents threaten to spill over, and call a plumber if you suspect there is a problem with your septic system.

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