Posted on 3/5/2013

A sewer line is an easy component of your plumbing to forget until it causes problems. Sewage backups, clogs, and leaks are all common issues caused by poorly maintained sewer lines. Schedule a check-up of your sewer line by calling your Libertyville plumber, and follow these tips to keep them free from problems for years to come:

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Watch What You Send Down Your Drains
The buildup of grease and foreign materials is one of the biggest causes of sewer line backups and clogs. Avoid this issue by always staying aware of what you are sending down your drains. Never flush any tissues, trash, or other foreign materials down your toilet, as these materials will not easily break down in drainpipes and sewer lines. Additionally, you will want to avoid sending grease, fats, and oils down your drain whenever possible. Grease acts as an adhesive inside sewer lines, trapping food particles and other materials and causing clogs.

Avoid Tree Root Infiltration
The infiltration of tree roots into sewer lines is one of the most common causes of backed up sewers. To avoid this problem in the future, take care to avoid planting trees anywhere near your sewer line. Tree roots can extend up to four times the diameter of a tree’s crown, so you’ll want to give your sewer line plenty of space. If tree roots have already infiltrated your sewer line, you will need to schedule regular rooting service or a sewer line repair or replacement.

Schedule Regular Maintenance
To avoid costly and damaging sewer line issues, it’s best to schedule an annual inspection from a qualified plumber. Your plumber can perform a video camera inspection of your sewer line, looking for evidence of corrosion, tree root infiltration, or grease buildup.

At Arrow Plumbing, Inc. of Libertyville, we provide thorough sewer line maintenance services for homeowners in communities throughout the area. Learn more about our offers by calling us at (888) 349-8161.