Posted on 8/7/2014

When you hire a professional plumber, it always helps to know what he or she is talking about. This can sometimes be difficult for people who are not trained in the field. Here is a look at common plumbing terms to help you stay on the same page with your plumber.


Types of Plumbers
The term “plumber” can be used to refer to anyone who has undergone specialized training in the installation and repair of the plumbing system. However, there are different types of plumbers. Some may specialize in industrial, residential, or commercial work. They can also be distinguished by skill and experience. An entry level plumber is called an apprentice, and he or she will still be learning the ropes. One level higher than an apprentice is called a journeyman, which is a position that garners more responsibility. The highest level of plumber is called a master plumber; a master plumber has even more responsibility and typically over a decade of experience.

Septic System Components
The septic system is a network that removes sewage and is made up of the septic tank, the septic field, and piping. The septic tank is an underground container that breaks down sewage using bacteria. Waste is moved from the home into the septic tank through a series of pipes, where it is deposited and broken down. Liquid waste flows from the septic tank to the septic field to be introduced to soil.

Water System Parts
A plumber may measure a water system’s pressure, temperature, and quantity. Water pressure describes the amount of force that a water system exerts, while a water meter measures its quantity in gallons. A water heater gauge may monitor a water system’s temperature as well as its pressure.

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