Posted on 6/2/2016

Basement flooding can cause significant damage to your electrical wiring and the structural foundation of your home. Basement flooding can occur for many different reasons, from plumbing problems, to heavy rains and storms. You should contact a plumber near you as soon as possible if you have plumbing problems that result in basement flooding.

A common cause of basement flooding is water main breaks. Your plumber will perform immediate water line repair to minimize your home’s water damage. A clogged toilet that overflows or a broken pipe that bursts can also cause basement flooding. Water heater leaks, sewer line leaks or breaks, and septic tank problems can also result in flooding. Your plumber will diagnose the root cause of your basement flooding, and perform sewer line repair, water line repair, toilet repair, water heater repair, sump pump repair, and other plumbing repairs as necessary.

If you experience basement flooding near Libertyville, IL, come see us at Arrow Plumbing. We are always available to solve plumbing emergencies and serious plumbing problems, and install sump pumps to prevent future basement flooding. To learn more about our plumbing company and emergency plumbing repair services, call us today at (847) 984-3258.