Posted on 3/20/2014
Water running from kitchen faucet and countertop detail

From the faucet to the garbage disposal, plumbing fixtures are bound to experience problems eventually. Sometimes they can be fixed without calling a plumber. If your water heater is leaking, you’ll want to shut off both the water and gas valves going to the water heater. If your garbage disposal is humming when it should be grinding, turn off the disposal completely and clean the unit. Press the reset key before turning the garbage disposal on again. If water is free-flowing from a plumbing fixture, you need to locate that fixture’s shut off valve and turn it to the right. Sometimes you have to turn the valve with a wrench if it seems stuck. If it won’t turn or the valve is hidden behind the wall, go outside and turn off the water by way of the main shut-off valve to prevent flooding.

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