Certain plumbing concepts are more or less common sense, but others aren’t so obvious. If you don’t know what backflow is, then you probably don’t know if you need a backflow device or not, or whether you should have yours tested. Feel free to read ahead for the answers to a couple of your questions.

What is backflow?

The pipes that make up your plumbing system are one way. Backflow occurs when water attempts to move backwards up your piping and back into your home. This can contaminate your drinking water and cause a dip in your home’s sanitation. Drinking contaminated water comes with a plethora of health risks. The longer you wait to fix this plumbing problem, the more likely you will be to consume contaminated water. Fortunately, there are plumbing devices that can protect your home.

Why is a backflow device important?

If you want to make sure you’re prepared in the event that backflow becomes a threat to your plumbing system, talk to your plumber about a backflow device. Backflow might become an issue if the pressure in your residential plumbing system drops too low. This can happen due to an event like a plumbing leak, and it can put your system at risk. Your backflow device recognizes the low pressure and opens up a valve. Then any water coming backwards towards your house will be redirected through the valve rather than back into your system.

Should I have mine tested?

Your backflow device can keep you and your family or coworkers in good health, but it’s your job to make sure it still works. Regularly testing your backflow device will help to ensure that you’re successfully redirecting potentially contaminated water to a safer location. Ask your plumbing professional how often you should seek backflow testing.

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