Posted on 4/10/2014

There are over 100 septic tank additive products on the market that claim to help maintain the health of your septic system. But if you ask any Libertyville plumber or look at plumbing research over the last decade, you’ll find that septic tank additives are ineffective. To learn more about septic tank additives, read this article.

Septic Cover

Septic Tank Additives Claim to Replace Natural Bacteria
There’s a widespread notion that using household cleaning products reduces the effectiveness of the natural bacteria that are essential to the proper functioning of the system. Septic tank additives purportedly regenerate these natural bacteria. Research has shown that although septic tank additive products can provide a short-term fix, they usually cause serious problems in the long run.

The EPA Does Not Recommend Septic Tank Additives
The Environmental Protection Agency maintains that septic tank additives containing microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts, and enzymes will probably harm a septic system more than help it. This is because septic tank additive products have been shown to interfere with the biological decomposition of wastes, lead to groundwater contamination, cause system clogging, and disrupt the treatment processes.

Some States Have Banned Septic Tank Additives
Researchers at Washington State University discovered that the amount of natural bacteria in a septic tank is much greater than the bacteria content of septic tank additives. According to their analysis, septic tank additives provide virtually no benefit in wastewater breakdown. In 1993, the state of Washington banned septic tank additives that are not approved first by the Department of Health, saying that chemical additives can cause septic tank failure and groundwater contamination.

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