Posted on 2/17/2016
Your garbage disposal can be an invaluable tool in your kitchen. To keep it running at its best, you need to use it the way it’s designed to be used, and to routinely maintain it, which should include professional care from an experienced plumbing contractor. Here are some great ways that can help you avoid problems, and unnecessary repairs, with your garbage disposal.

Don’t Feed Your Garbage Disposal Hard Materials

Garbage disposals are not trashcans or trash compactors. They’re made to dispose of certain types of kitchen waste, not all kitchen waste. One surefire way to damage your garbage disposal is to feed it something that you shouldn’t. For example, hard materials like bones and woody stems can damage your disposal’s blades, or they can obstruct their movement, which can cause your disposal’s motor to burn out. Though there are models on the market today that offer stronger blades and powerful motors that can allegedly pulverize hard kitchen waste, it’s not recommended that you feed them hard materials.

Always Have Water Running When Your Garbage Disposal Is On

When your garbage disposal is on, be sure you have the tap running. Turn your faucet on 15 seconds before you turn on your disposal, and remember to leave it running 15 seconds after you turn off your disposal. Cold water works best because it helps to keep grease and fats solidified, which actually discourages these materials from creating a blockage in your drain.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal’s Blades Sharp

To avoid an underperforming garbage disposal due to dull blades, keep blades sharp by occasionally feeding your garbage disposal ice cubes while cold water is running. Not only can ice cubes sharpen blades, but they also can clean them.

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