Posted on 4/5/2012

Backflow can be disastrous in any home. It occurs when water flows in the reverse direction. Not only can this create a huge mess and result in property damage, but backflow can also cause health problems through contaminated water. For this reason, it is critical to make sure your home is equipped with Reduced Pressure Zone Devices. Here are some ways in which RPZs can help you keep your home safe and your family healthy.


  • What is an RZP?
A Reduced Pressure Zone Device generally consists of two checked valves and a chamber in between them. The chamber is usually maintained at a lower pressure than the water supply, and the RZP automatically discharges fluid into a drain if pressure gets too high.

  • What is Its Purpose?
RZPs are mainly used to prevent backflow. Water supplies are often maintained at a high pressure to ensure they can travel a sufficient distance through pipes. However, if that pressure fluctuates, causing backflow, an RPZ can act as a corrective mechanism, keeping water supplies free of contamination.

  • What are Its Applications?
RPZs can be used for virtually any hazardous situation, though they are generally not used for septic pipes, which carry the highest level of risk. They are considered safe because they prevent both backflow and back-siphonage. In addition, they are simple to test, which makes it easier to ensure reliability.

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