Plumbers see bathtubs clogged by many different items, but the most prevalent are usually hair, soap scum, and small, foreign objects. Let’s learn more about these common causes of bathtub clogs.


Hair is one of the most prevalent causes of clogs in the bathtub and bathroom sinks. Hair decomposes slowly, which makes it one of the worst substances to end up down a drain. The hair, no matter how long or short it is, will snake through a drain until it gets caught by sludge and other thickening agents typically found in pipes. Soon the hair, sludge, and other products form a thick plug somewhere in the plumbing system. The only way it can be removed is with a plumber’s motorized drain snake.

Soap Scum

Soap scum is one of the thickening agents found alongside a hair clog. When soap travels down a drain, it leaves a trail of scum, chemicals, and acids that collect on the inside of pipes. As it builds up, hair will collect in the scum and form that plug in the pipe. The chemicals and acids can also contribute to internal damage of the pipe, which can lead to a lot of plumbing problems and clogs.

Other Objects

Though foreign objects typically end up clogging toilets or sinks, they can still end up in the bathtub drain. Foreign objects—such as jewelry, bottle caps, and drain stoppers—can easily end up in a bathtub drain and cause a future clog. Whether the bathtub begins clogging right away or in the near future, foreign objects should never enter a drain. These objects can become stuck in a pipe or cause damage to the pipe’s interior. Both of these possibilities can lead to significant damages and plumbing issues.

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