Posted on 4/13/2015
Clogged drain near LibertyvilleA clog in the main sewer line can cause raw sewage to backup into your home. In addition to creating a huge mess that is costly to clean up, this can result in severe water damage. Main line sewer clogs can also cause your sinks and drains to clog up, rendering your plumbing appliances unusable. To determine when it’s time to get a thorough drain cleaning from professional plumbers in Libertyville, read through these common signs that your sewer line is clogged.

Water Backing Up

Water or sewage backing up out of a drain or toilet in your home is a clear indication that a drain clearing service is needed. To prevent a water backup from becoming a flood, shut off the water at its source, or shut off the main water line. Some homes even have sewer cleanout lines, located near the foundation outside the home. This device relieves the pressure inside the home, which discharges the backup from the cleanout line. If you experience basement flooding or you see water gathering around your floor drain, call a plumber right away, as this probably indicates a clog in the main sewer line.

Slow Draining

If the drains in your home are slow, you may have a main sewer line clog or broken pipes. On the other hand, you may have a secondary line clog if you notice that some drains are slow while others function well. To help relieve minor clogging, use a plunger on the slower drains. Filling and draining your sinks with water on a weekly basis will also help clear clogs.

Unusual Noises or Smells

It’s common to hear a gurgling sound coming from the drain when drain clearing is needed. Smelling raw sewage is another common indicator that it’s time to get drain clearing services from a professional plumber.

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