Posted on 10/5/2012

Your home's plumbing network probably consists of metal and plastic piping. If your home is especially old, you may have galvanized steel pipes and no PVC. Copper is a popular choice for many plumbers, while PEX piping is an innovative new option for today’s homeowner. Understanding when it’s time to consider replacing your existing plumbing installations can help you avoid high bills and even a plumbing disaster.

Rotten tubes texture

Old Pipes and Old Problems
The problems that many homeowners face with aged plumbing are just that—recurring problems. Many older homes were built using galvanized steel pipes, which in some cases can be a century old. These pipes are often rusted through, prone to leaks, and can even burst. They may knock and groan during normal operation. If your experience frequent leaks, or have a hidden slow leak in your system that’s raising your water bill, it's definitely time to consider replacement. Frequent calls to your plumber for emergency repairs are another clear sign that it's time to consider having your home re-piped.

New Options
Galvanized steel pipes can be replaced with copper equivalents, PVC in some places, and PEX piping which is useful in tight spaces. Copper pipes are trusted and durable, while PVC is often used for larger drain and sewer lines. Your plumber can help you determine what type of piping is best for specific areas in your home's plumbing system. PEX piping is ideal for use as water supply lines under sinks and other tight spaces, because it is durable, flexible, and inexpensive.

Your plumber may also suggest that you have particular valves and shutoff switches placed as well, especially the main shutoff valve of your home. This can be a very old fixture that would otherwise represent a problem waiting to happen.

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