Posted on 11/4/2015

Taking care of the drains in your home and, more specifically, being mindful of what you put down them is the easiest way to avoid issues with your plumbing system. Every time you put food scraps, oils, or something else into your drain, your entire system is affected by it and needs to work harder to remove it. This can unfortunately lead to the need for plumbing repair.

In order to properly care for your drains, cover each of them with a sieve or a strainer designed to capture small food particles and other debris. Avoid dumping any oils or grease down your drain and, instead, dump them into a can before disposing of them in the regular trash. You should also clean your drains by running your hot water regularly and by using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clear your drains completely. This will reduce the chances of you needing plumbing repair.

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