Posted on 1/13/2012

Here are several interesting resources to help you learn more about plumbing maintenance, your health, and your home. For expert plumbing service in the Libertyville area, call Arrow Plumbing, Inc. today—(847) 549-9600.

running kitchen faucet

  • Wondering how mold can affect your family’s health? Take a look at this page from the Washington State Department of Health.
  • If you’re still pouring grease and oil down your kitchen sink, stop! This page from Pain in the Drain discusses why you should keep fats, oils, grease, and grit out of your plumbing.
  • Water damage and mold growth can occur due to many different types of plumbing problems. This page from State Farm gives you an idea of where to check for plumbing leaks in your home.
  • Here are some helpful plumbing maintenance tips from