Posted on 5/18/2015
Sump pump near libertyvilleA malfunctioning sump pump could lead to basement flooding and costly repairs. It is therefore essential that you keep your pump properly maintained. Plumbers in Libertyville can install a sump pump in your home, and with these essential tips, you can prevent many easily avoided plumbing emergencies yourself:

Check the Power Supply

Most sump pumps are electrically powered. If a power outage occurs, electrical pumps that lack a backup power supply will be disabled. If power outages are common in your area, it might be best to install a backup battery for your pump. You may also want to keep a generator handy in case of prolonged power outages that may deplete your backup. Your pump is ineffective without an adequate power supply, so you should ensure that you have a contingency plan in place. Routinely check that your pump is properly connected to a power supply; it will be one less thing to worry about if an emergency occurs.

Test Frequently

Ensure that your sump pump starts automatically by pouring water into your sump pit. If the pump does not start or drain water quickly, you must have it repaired. You should perform this test at least once a month. Note any issues to help your plumber more easily diagnose any problems that may arise.

Perform a Simple Inspection

In addition to testing your sump pump, you should make sure that the discharge pipes and intake grates are completely clear of blockage, check to see that the pump is standing upright—as its vibrations may cause it to fall over sideways—and ensure that the connection lines are properly sealed. Also, make sure that the pump is draining at a 20-foot minimum distance from your foundation.

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