Posted on 11/24/2013

There are plenty of easy do-it-yourself projects around the home, but none of them involve your plumbing system. Unless you are an experienced plumber, tinkering with pipes and drains can easily cause an expensive plumbing disaster. So the next time about crawling under a sink or digging up a sewage pipe, call a plumbing company instead. Here are some of the most common home plumbing errors we encounter.

Young plumber fixing a sink in bathroom

Joining Dissimilar Metals without Proper Connectors
If you attempt to connect different types of metal plumbing pipes, such as steel and copper, you will need to use a special coupling device. Without the proper coupling, the metals can quickly corrode at the connection, which is called dielectric corrosion. When connecting two different metals, plumbers use a special coupling device called a dielectric union.

Over-Tightening Plumbing Components
Plumbing is not a test of strength. Like pushing too hard on faucet handles, over-tightening plumbing components can cause them to leak or break. Applying too much pressure can also result in stripped threads. If a connector is stripped and needs to be replaced, the entire pipe may need to be cut and replaced.

Improperly Reassembling Plumbing Components
Taking apart plumbing components is easy, but putting them back together is another story. There are certain ways to take plumbing components apart, and oftentimes different ways to put them back together. If you disassemble the garbage disposal or water heater, you may forget how everything goes back together. Improperly reassembling plumbing components and water appliances can cause leaks or damage.

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