Posted on 7/20/2015
Sump pump arlingtonA flooded basement can be a plumbing disaster that leads to costly repairs, lasting water damage, and both physical and psychological discomfort. Fortunately yourplumber in Libertyville, IL will have no problem relocating this water using a sump pump.


The ground outside of your home experiences a certain degree of moisture, and this level elevates during times of heavy rain. While this may be fine outdoors, you do not want this water making its way into your home. Sump pumps are used to move water from a flooded space, like a basement, to a less problematic area. A pedestal sump pump lies above the water level and uses a sensor to become activated, while a submersible sump pump floats on top of the water. Although they both typically enjoy long working lives, the former tends to last significantly longer.


While flooding may not always be a threat, the risk tends to be elevated during storms; unfortunately, storms also have a habit of shutting down power to homes. It is important to have a backup for your sump pump so that you can prevent flooding in your home even when you do not have power. Many homeowners make use of battery backups for their sump pumps. It is wise to inspect your pump at least twice each year in addition to having a battery backup.


When your sump pump moves water out of your home, it must go somewhere else; unfortunately, draining it into your sanitary sewer may result in water overflowing out of your toilets or drains. Your plumber can make sure that the water is removed from your basement and directed into a safe location, like a storm sewer drain.

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