As the owner or manager of a retail store, you want to make sure that every customer has a great impression of your business when they walk through your doors. Plumbing problems can cause serious inconveniences for retail store, as they can shut down business operations and cause hassles for customers and employees, alike. To make sure that a plumbing emergency doesn’t put you out of business, here are some tips for handling plumbing problems at your retail store.

Have the Number of a Plumber Ready

The last thing that you will want to do when you experience a plumbing emergency at work is to scramble to find a reputable plumber at the last minute. Instead, it is a great idea to build up a relationship with a reliable plumbing company that you trust. In the event that an emergency arises, you will know precisely who to call for help.

Provide Information to Your Customers

Rather than trying to disguise the fact that you are having plumbing problems, it is a better idea to be fully transparent with your customers. If your toilet is clogged, for example, you may want to place a sign on your door that directs customers to a different restroom. Providing your customers with information will help ease their concerns when they walk into your retail space, and will also protect their safety.

Avoid Property and Inventory Damage

Water damage can seriously damage the structural integrity of your retail space, as well as your inventory. If possible, you will want to remove any valuable items from areas that are flooded with water. Avoiding property damage due to a plumbing problem will help you reduce your overall losses.

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