Posted on 2/23/2012

The longevity of a hot water heater is perhaps its most important characteristic. Only a certified plumber can really tell when one needs to be replaced. Standard water storage water heaters normally last from eight to fifteen years before they need to be replaced, and tankless, or on demand, water heaters can usually perform at least twenty years of service, but there are many variables to consider.

Residential Water Heater

Storage Water Heaters

The storage water heater is the most commonly seen water heater in American homes. The hotter the water, the faster it will corrode the metal piping. Top of the line storage water heaters usually last longer because they corrode slower. The best way to make sure that your storage water heater lasts closer to fifteen years than eight is to have regular maintenance checks performed by a certified technician.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters last considerably longer than storage water heaters but are noticeably more expensive. Tankless water heaters work by heating water up on its way to your tap, shower, or washing machine. They don’t store water and therefore do not suffer from its corrosive properties. Tankless water heaters use easily replaceable parts, but still require regular maintenance to perform at their highest efficiency.

Power Vent Water Heaters

Power vent water heaters last about as long as storage water heaters but are far more efficient. With the right maintenance, the power vent might be able to outlast the storage water heater but probably still can’t match the tankless. As always, regular maintenance is the best way to keep these types of water heaters going.

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