Posted on 7/19/2013

Although your home’s plumbing is designed to be tough, there are some environmental factors that even the strongest copper plumbing can’t handle. That’s why we recommend that certain homeowners in Libertyville winterize their home plumbing every fall before it gets too cold. When warmer weather comes around, preparing your Libertyville area plumbing for use again should be done carefully. Here’s a look at de-winterizing your home plumbing and why it’s important.

insulated pipes

The Need for Winterizing and De-Winterizing
As the temperature changes in Libertyville, different environmental stresses are placed on your home plumbing. During the winter, low temperatures can encourage your plumbing to freeze, causing sudden pipe bursts or slow, barely-noticeable leaks. De-winterizing your home transitions your dormant plumbing back into operational condition in a way that helps you avoid bursts, leaks, and clogs in your plumbing.

Preparing Your Fixtures and Appliances
Before you turn your water back on, prepare your faucets and toilets to receive water again. Turn on the supply valves below each toilet and sink, but leave faucets in the off position. Remove the aerators on all the faucets to allow built-up sediment to get pushed through. If your appliances are disconnected, reconnect them and turn on your hot water heater valves.

Inspecting your Plumbing
Once your appliances and fixtures are ready for water, slowly turn your water main back on. Once this is complete, inspect your home’s plumbing for signs of leaks, including moisture buildup, mold growth, or rotting. If your plumbing seems healthy, turn your faucets on and let them run until the water is clear. Flush your toilets and run any water-using appliances to check for sediment buildup and leaks.

For help getting your plumbing ready for warm or cold weather, contact Libertyville’s plumbing experts at Arrow Plumbing, Inc. We specialize in all kinds of home plumbing repair and maintenance, including winterizing and de-winterizing. Call (888) 349-8161 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.