Posted on 8/10/2015
how to dispose of kitchen grease libertyville

Kitchen grease—which can consist of fat, oil, and grease—can be a plumbing nightmare. Improper disposal of grease, such as pouring it down a kitchen sink, can cause a host of problems that may result in a costly repair bill. Because liquefied fat, oil, and grease have a tendency to congeal and harden, they cling to the inner surfaces of pipes. Over time, plumbing pipes become clogged, causing filthy, bacteria-laden wastewater to backup into your home.

In order to avoid potential plumbing problems, including sewer repair, do not dump grease down your sink’s drain. Instead, dispose of used oil or grease in a sealed, non-recyclable container and throw it away in the trash. Also, consider wiping off excess grease from pots and pans with paper towels.

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