The Greater Chicago area is known nationwide for is brutal winters. After last year’s record-breaking chill and snowfall, many homeowners are especially keen to take steps to prepare their homes for winter, one of which is pipe insulation.

For tips on insulating pipes that are exposed to the outdoors or housed in crawlspaces where temperatures often drop below freezing, check out this news clip. Spending a bit of time and money now to insulate your home’s pipes can spare you from serious hassle and costly repairs later on.

Based in Libertyville and proudly serving northern Chicago, Arrow Plumbing, Inc. is a full-service plumbing company well-versed in the art of preventing and handling common winter plumbing problems. If you are looking to have a professional plumber insulate your home’s pipes, thaw frozen plumbing, or perform any other winter plumbing maintenance or repairs, call (847) 549-9600.