Posted on 4/26/2016

Many people ignore their drains until they have a problem and need to call a plumber. Blocked drains can cause homeowners frustration and money, but keeping your drains clean and clog-free can be an easy when you know how to take care of them. Here are some things you can do to prevent a drain clog, and information on who to call in the event of a clogged drain.

Clean Your Drains

The most important step in avoiding clogs is to clean your drains periodically. Once per week, lift up your drain stoppers and clean them of any debris and sludge, depositing the waste in the trash. Also, raise the drain covers in your showers to remove hair and soap scum by using a hair catching brush or a bent wire. One per month, scrub your garbage disposal using a disposer brush and flush it with cold water, wash your bathtub drain stoppers, and clean your drains using a non-corrosive bacteriological drain cleaner.

Protect Your Drains

A few simple steps added to your daily routine can help prevent your drains from clogging. Place mesh screens over all of your drains to catch hair, food, and other debris before they can get into the plumbing, and brush your hair prior to washing it to keep the hair in the trashcan instead of the pipes. Wash your pets outside when weather allows, and place a wash cloth over the drain to catch any hair when you must bathe them inside.

Know What to Drain

Understanding what substances belong in the trashcan and not the sink will help keep the water running smoothly through your plumbing. Meat, fish bones, and eggshells should not be put in your garbage disposal. Egg shells in particular cause issues because the shells accumulate in your pipes and snag other debris on their sharp edges, resulting in a clog. Grease and cooking oil congeal in pipes and catch other items as well, and should never be poured down a drain.

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