Posted on 2/27/2014

An unexplainable spike in your water bill may be the first sign that your home has a hidden leak. Before you call a Libertyville plumber for a thorough evaluation of the leak, there are a few things you can do to confirm that your home has a hidden leak. Read on to see a list of steps.

Facade moisture

Turn Off Appliances that Use Water
The first step to find the location of the leak is to turn off all appliances that use water. This means turning off washing machines, sinks, showers, the sprinkler system, the swimming pool, and any other indoor or outdoor appliances that use water.

Watch the Meter
The meter box is typically found outside next to the main shutoff valve, under a steel cover. After you have shut off all the devices, the meter should not be running. Some meters have leak indicators—either red triangles or silver and black discs—that spin when there is a leak. If your meter does not have a leak indicator, note the position of the hand and check it again in 10 minutes to see if it has moved. If it moves, you have a slow leak.

Flip the Shut-Off Valve
After turning off the valve, go inside to turn on a faucet. If the water from the faucet stops flowing after several seconds, you know that the shut-off valve is working. Now check the meter again. If the leak indicator or the dial is moving, it means there is a leak between the meter and the shut-off valve. Call a plumber to address this type of leak as soon as possible. If neither is moving, there is probably a leak somewhere in the house.

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