Posted on 7/17/2014
Installation of drain

Garbage disposals help make kitchen life easy, but only when they are working properly. For someone who is used to the conveniences afforded by a garbage disposal, discovering that a disposal has jammed or is otherwise malfunctioning can be a rude awakening. If your garbage disposal has been acting up or not acting at all, take the following steps to determine whether or not you require professional plumbing assistance.

Test the Outlet
Occasionally, power outlets stop distributing power for one reason or another. To ensure that the outlet into which your garbage disposal is plugged is not the problem, unplug the cord and test another small appliance in the same socket.

Troubleshoot the Circuit Breaker
If the first test yields no results, check the breaker panel to see if the source of the problem can be found there. Do this even if you have not gone anywhere near your circuit breaker in days but have used your garbage disposal without difficulty during that time, as an overloaded unit can cause a breaker to cut power to the outlets it controls automatically.

Check for Jams
Improper use and infrequent cleaning can result in garbage disposal jams, an inconvenience that most homeowners experience on occasion. After double checking to ensure that your garbage disposal is switched off and unplugging its cord for good measure, use the hex wrench tool that came with your disposal to see if it is jammed.

If your garbage disposal still does not work after you perform the aforementioned checks and tests, it is likely that the motor has burnt out. The next step to take is to contact your local plumber, following any advice he has to offer and refraining from letting any food scraps down your kitchen sink until he can attend to the problem. To schedule a service appointment with a qualified and reputable Libertyville plumber, call Arrow Plumbing, Inc. at (847) 549-9600. We can get your disposal working again in no time.