Posted on 7/27/2015
plungers 101

While many plumbing emergencies in Libertyville, IL require the help of a professional plumbing service, there are also plumbing tasks that you can complete on your own. A plunger is a perfect example of a tool that everyone should know how to use. Continue reading to learn a little bit about plungers.

Plungers are typically used in order to clear a clogged drain, which is typically at the bottom of a sink, toilet, or bathtub. It is important to make sure that the plunger you are using is in working condition, meaning that the bell part is not cracked or broken. Stand over the clog and alternate between pushing the plunger straight down and lifting it straight up. If your bathtub, sink, or toilet is totally full when it becomes clogged, it is a good idea to remove some of the extra water before attempting to alleviate the clog.

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