Posted on 3/15/2012

A clogged drain is one plumbing problem that nearly every Libertyville homeowner has experienced at one time or another. While some clogged drains are minor, others are more serious and require help from the professionals. Many, if not most, clogged drains could be avoided by taking more care to restrict what goes down the drain.

water flowing down the drain of a sink plug hole

Kitchen Sink Drains

The sink in the kitchen typically gets the most use out of any sink or drain in the house. It’s also a site that is at risk for clogs, since food and cooking materials that get washed down the drain can cause major problems. Although you should always have a drain filter to catch any large items from going down the drain, make sure to also avoid dumping oil and grease down the drain; oil and grease can harden within your pipes and cause a very difficult and potentially damaging clog. Instead, allow your cooking grease or oil to cool, and then toss it into the garbage. If you do have a clog, call a plumber rather than pouring potentially dangerous cleaning solutions down your drain.

Bathroom Drains

The other common culprit for clogged drains is the bath or shower drain in the bathroom. These drains often become clogged with hair, which can accumulate over time until the hair is preventing adequate drainage. Make sure that your drain has a filter, and clean it as often as possible.

Pipe Problems

Sometimes, drain problems point to a bigger problem with your plumbing. Pipes sometimes need to be repaired or replaced. Conducting periodic checks and maintenance may be the best way to prevent future drainage problems. If the blockage is within your sewer line, you should have it addressed immediately, as this can lead to overflowing toilets and other major problems.

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