As long as you take care to flush only soft, biodegradable toilet paper and wastewater down your toilet, you should not have to deal with many toilet problems. A sign of a problem you may encounter that is not related to maintenance and care is bubbling that occurs when you try to flush. To learn more about this problem, likely causes, and potential solutions, check out this educational clip.

In the video, construction professional Nicholas Iarocci describes how venting problems occur when there is not air in the flushing system, a problem that is often linked to nesting by birds and squirrels. One way to determine whether or not you should contact a plumber is to fill a bucket with water and pour a few gallons down the toilet. If this does not cause your toilet to flush, then you should contact a plumbing professional. For service from a dedicated, experienced plumber in Libertyville, call Arrow Plumbing, Inc. at (847) 549-9600.