Broken pipes are a common type of plumbing problem and should be handled immediately to prevent damage to your property and get your household up and running again. If you’re worried that one of your pipes may have burst, then continue reading to learn about the signs of a broken pipe and see if you need to call a plumber.

Excess Moisture

When a pipe is damaged, sometimes the problem is obvious and causes puddles or flooding in or around the home. If there is water where there shouldn’t be, then this is an obvious sign that you may be dealing with a broken pipe. If parts of your lawn seem soggy or your home has flooding or water puddles, then it’s time to call about plumbing repairs. Also, wet or spongy walls, ceilings, or flooring are also possible signs of a burst pipe.

Higher Bills

Have you recently noticed an increase in your water bills? If so, then this can indicate the presence of a broken pipe. If your water usage has gone up and you can’t think of a reason why, then it’s possible that you have a broken pipe that’s releasing water somewhere unseen and you should call a plumber right away.

Unpleasant Odors

Where there is moisture in your home, there is a potential for mold and mildew to grow. For this reason, it’s common for people to notice musty, earthy, or unpleasant odors areas when their plumbing is affected by a broken pipe. If you know or suspect that your home has a mold problem, then it’s important to call a plumber to inspect your home’s pipes. Just because you can’t see the water doesn’t mean that it isn’t there and causing damage to your home’s structure. Plus, the extra moisture can continue to promote mold growth and attract pests to your property.

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