Posted on 3/2/2016
Water is a necessity in homes, and plays a major role in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and gardens. These days, it’s piped conveniently into your home from a municipal water source, and is distributed throughout your home via a network of plumbing lines. Most of the time, your home’s pipes and plumbing fixtures are able to contain water effectively. Unfortunately, unexpected water leaks occur every so often that can lead to costly plumbing and renovation repairs. If you’re dealing with a crisis situation, such as a broken pipe that’s flooding your basement or home, contact a professional immediately. Here are some telling signs that you may need to call an emergency plumber.

Broken Pipes

The most common reason to call an emergency plumber is a broken pipe. You need to act fast to lessen the amount of water damage to your home. Be sure that you know where the shutoff valve is to your main water supply, and that you know how to use it. Before you contact an emergency plumber, cut off the water supply. Broken pipes can result from several things: old and corroded piping, invasive tree roots, and frozen pipes—which burst when the water inside them freezes and expands.

Drain Clogs

Most of the clogged drains in homes are noticeable, and can be easily unclogged by the homeowner. However, there are clogs that require the attention of a trained professional, especially if wastewater and sewage is backing up into your home. Not only can a clogged drain create a messy problem, but it can also become a potential health hazard.

Toilet Clogs

One of the worst things to deal with is a clogged toilet. Like a drain clog, an overflowing toilet can pose a health risk if it’s allowed to flood your home. If water is coming out of your toilet, shut off the water supply to your toilet immediately and call a plumber.

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