Posted on 5/13/2016

If your garbage disposal is not working effectively or efficiently, you may risk clogging up your sink. While a plumber can often perform garbage disposal repair, there may come a point where you need to replace your garbage disposal completely. Here are some key signs that you should ask your plumber to install a new garbage disposal.

You Experience Frequent Clogs

Occasional garbage disposal clogs are a very common plumbing problem, and can typically be fixed with minor garbage disposal repairs. Frequent clogs indicate that you’re in need of garbage disposal repair or replacement. You may experience clogs more often if you use your garbage disposal for non-food items, tough or fibrous items, animal bones or fat, or large food items. You can also develop clogs if you do not run cold water before, during, and after using the garbage disposal.

The Garbage Disposal Has a Leak

As your garbage disposal ages, it may develop leaks in the drain line. Some leaks can be quickly fixed via simple garbage disposal repairs. If the leak requires complicated or costly plumbing repairs, it may end up being less expensive for your plumber to just install a new garbage disposal. A leak that is not repaired by your plumber can lead to more complex plumbing problems, and will also significantly increase your water bill.

The Blades are Dull

When your garbage disposal blades have become dull, your garbage disposal will begin to work less efficiently. The garbage disposal will take more and more time to grind up food, and you may experience frequent clogs. It is not cost-effective to replace your garbage disposal blades, and makes more sense to have your plumber install a new unit.

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