Posted on 8/30/2013

Drainage problems in and around your home can often arise suddenly and unexpectedly. By properly identifying and repairing home drainage issues before they become serious, you can prevent major and costly water damage to your home. At the first sign that your home is experiencing a drainage issue, it is time to call your plumber. Here are some of the things that you might notice when your home has a drainage issue.

wall crack

Pools of Water Around Your Yard
Pools and puddles of water around the exterior of your home can indicate a drainage problem. During heavy rainfall, your home’s gutters and downspouts should carry water out and away from the exterior of your home. If water is beginning to pool up around the exterior of your foundation, this is a sign that your home is experiencing a drainage issue.

Water Damage In the Basement
If your home has a drainage issue, you may begin to notice signs of water damage in your basement. Look for unusual stains on the walls or around the exterior of your foundation. Water may be entering your basement from an outside source, or it may be leaking from a broken pipe.

Cracks In Your Foundation
While smaller cracks are normal for all home foundations, larger breaks and fissures could indicate a drainage problem. If excess water enters a small foundation crack, the structural integrity of your foundation can begin to be compromised. Be sure to monitor your foundation cracks, and call a plumbing professional if you notice any signs of unusual damage or breaking.

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