Your plumbing system extends throughout your house and may include a variety of fixtures and appliances. Sometimes you’ll need a plumber when you run into a problem, but other times you might be able to tackle the issue yourself. Keep reading for a look at a few simple plumbing fixes that every homeowner should know.

Turning Off the Water

Plumbing leaks of any size can be wasteful, and they can contribute to problems around the house. If you notice a leak, turn off your water while you fix it. You should know where your water shutoff valves are before you deal with a problem. Then, if you deal with a serious leak, you’ll know where to look to control the damage.

Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Between the sound of the dripping and the wasting of your water, a leaky faucet can be a real bother. After turning off the water, you’ll have to disassemble the faucet and take a look at the washer. It’s usually the washer’s fault when your faucet drips, so you might just need to replace it. Be sure to choose the right size so you don’t have to replace it again in the near future.

Unclogging a Toilet

There are 2 plumbing tools that can be particularly helpful when it comes to unclogging a toilet. A plunger should do the trick for smaller clogs, while an auger can take care of more severe ones. If you want to try a plunger first, stand over the toilet and push the rubber cup of the plunger into the toilet, forming a seal. Push straight down and pull straight back up repeatedly to clear up the clog. Alternatively, you can use an auger to break through the clog and bring it back out of the drain.

If it turns out you do need a plumber serving Libertyville, IL, you can always call Arrow Plumbing, Inc. at (847) 549-9600. We’re happy to take care of all sorts of plumbing problems, from a clogged toilet to water line repair. Visit our website or stop by and see us if you have any questions.

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