Posted on 4/20/2012

To learn more about Reduced Pressure Zone devices or maintaining your water heater, explore the resources provided below. If you’d like to talk to one of our professional plumbers, call Arrow Plumbing Inc at (847) 549-9600. Servicing Lake Forest, Libertyville and the surrounding areas, we are committed to making your plumbing experience the best it can be.

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  • For information about what backflow is, read this useful FAQ from the American Backflow Prevention Association.
  • Are you curious about how your water heater works? Read this page from the US Department of Energy.
  • To read a short introduction to how RPZs prevent back flow, read this page from Flomatic.
  • If you are thinking of installing a new water heater, learn about the various types of high-efficiency hot water heaters now available in this article at
  • To read about the health risks associated with back flow, read this article from the Environmental Protection Agency.