Posted on 12/19/2013

Between hosting family, shopping for presents, and planning elaborate meals, most homeowners don’t have time to think about their plumbing during the holidays. However, the cold weather and uptick in water use can wreak havoc on anyone’s plumbing system. As long as you keep the following tips in mind, you should have a happy holiday season that’s free of major plumbing issues.

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Keep the Thermostat Up
If you plan on traveling during the holidays, you might decide to turn off your heating system while you’re gone. While this will reduce your energy bill, it may cause your indoor pipes to freeze and burst, causing thousands of dollars in water damage. For this reason, experts recommend keeping the thermostat higher than 55 degrees at all times.

Stagger Showers Throughout the Day
Are you planning to host friends and family members this holiday season? If so, you should prepare your plumbing system for the increase in water volume. One way to do this is to have a professional inspect your water heater for minor issues that could become major problems. Instead of having your guests all take showers in the morning, encourage them to stagger their showers throughout the day. This will reduce the amount of pressure on your water heater, pipes, and sewage system.

Watch What You Flush
When preparing a holiday meal or cleaning up afterward, be wary of what goes down the drain. Grease can easily cool and harden in your sink, causing a nasty clog. Instead of sending bones, meat, egg shells, coffee grounds, noodles, and fibrous foods down your garbage disposal, consider tossing them in the garbage or compost. You might consider getting a gutter guard to prevent food scraps from entering your sink drain.

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