Posted on 1/7/2015
Sump Pump

If your home has a basement, chances are that it also has a sump pump. Sump pumps are designed to prevent flooding in the lowest levels of the home. In the event that your basement area begins to flood due to weather or a plumbing emergency, your sump pump will ensure that your home is protected from water damage. If you are wondering about the importance of your home’s sump pump, read on to learn a bit more about how sump pump technology works.

The Sump Pit
One of the most important features of a sump pump is the sump pit. During a sump pump installation, this pit is dug deep into the ground. The sump pump is then placed at the bottom level of the pit. In the event that the sump pit begins to fill up with water, the sump pump will automatically activate and begin pumping water.

Centrifugal Pumping
Your sump pump uses centrifugal pumping power to remove water from your basement. Once the sump pump switches on, its motor will begin spinning with rapid force. This spinning action will create a centrifuge, and will send the water up and out of the basement through a system of pipes.

Sump Pump Designs
There are two sump pump designs that are commonly used in homes. One sump pump design is known as a submersible pump. This type of pump sits at the bottom of the pit. The other type of pump is called a pedestal pump. This pump is placed at a slight elevation on a specially designed pedestal.

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