Posted on 8/17/2012

Buying a water heater is no small investment. You want something that is built to last and designed to deliver the hot water your home needs year-round. When shopping for a replacement water heater, think about your options in terms of size, energy efficiency, and manufacturer’s warranty. Below, you can find out what you need to know before buying a water heater.

See if Your Old Heater is Fixable

You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you saw any possibility of a water heater repair, but it doesn’t hurt to check. First off, a highly-corroded unit is best replaced, but a leaky pressure relief valve or faulty heating element is fixable. If you suspect this is the problem, call a professional to check it out. Otherwise, keep reading to learn how to buy a new water heater.


Size Matters

Choosing a new water heater requires choosing the right heating capacity. To figure out this capacity, add up the average amount of hot water used in a busy hour, such as in the morning when everyone is getting ready for the day. You might be tempted to just buy the water heater with the highest heating capacity, but this means higher energy bills.

Look at Efficiency

On the topic of energy costs, take advantage of your energy-efficient water heater options. Checking efficiency is as easy as checking a number. When you compare water heaters, look for the energy factor, or EF, rating. This tells you the percentage of energy that a specific model converts directly into hot water. For example, an EF rating of 0.8 means that 80% of the energy used goes directly towards heating water.

Consider Manufacturer Warranty and Reputation

A good warranty is not to be undervalued. Consider water heaters with a good warranty policy a plus when making your decision. Ask your plumber for suggestions too, because professionals have seen their share of water heater brands, repairs, and replacements.

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