Posted on 9/24/2011

Deciding if your water heater needs to be replaced can be challenging because replacement is usually dependent on use and care. There are some definite signs such as water leakage or a lack of hot water, but some signs aren’t so obvious. Here are the three most common ways to tell if your water heater needs to be replaced.

Residential Water Heater

Ineffective Water Heating

  • If you find that your water heater is taking longer than usual to heat or not heating at all, then it’s likely time to replace your water heater.
  • You should double check that the heat setting hasn’t been changed. If the setting is at its normal level and you are still not receiving enough hot water, then it is time to replace the unit.
A Leaky Tank

  • If there is any amount of water around the heater, check for leaks. A small drip can be fixed temporarily but your unit will still need to be replaced eventually.
  • Examine the bottom of your water heater for rust or corrosion. Rust is a common cause of leakage.

  • The age of your water heater can dictate whether it needs to be replaced. Units over ten years old are usually ineffective. Replacing your old water heater can save you money on energy bills and repair costs.
  • An old water heater can cause hot water to turn rust-colored. If your hot water shows signs of rust but your cold water is still clear when you run it, this could be a sign that your unit needs to be replaced.
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