Basement flooding is a serious plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention from a licensed plumbing contractor. If you find standing water in your basement, you will want to act fast and schedule professional plumbing repair right away. Since basement flooding can be caused by a water main break, you will need the services of a professional plumber to fix the issue property. Wastewater can contain many harmful pathogens, so you will want to make sure that you avoid coming into direct contact with the wastewater that has flooded your home.

At Arrow Plumbing Inc., we specialize in sump pump repair and other emergency repair services. In the event that a water main break or other emergency causes flooding in your basement, be sure to hire our experienced plumbing company near Libertyville. In order to get in touch with our plumbers and set up emergency repair services, give us a call at (847) 984-3258.