Posted on 9/7/2015
why choose trenchless sewer repair libertyville

Your house’s sewer line serves the most important function out of your entire plumbing infrastructure. It is also buried under several tons of earth, making for an expensive plumbing repair bill if it fails. Trenchless sewer repair, however, can solve many plumbing problems without draining your bank account or ruining your lawn.

Instead of digging up the entire pipeline, trenchless repair involves digging one or two small holes. At this point, two repair techniques are considered—pipe lining and pipe bursting. Pipe lining involves creating a resin seal within a broken pipe, thereby repairing the pipe from the inside out. Pipe bursting replaces the entire sewer line; the broken line is used as a conduit, and the new pipe is pulled through the old one.

Either plumbing technique is less expensive than traditional sewer repair, and can last for decades. Fortrenchless sewer repair in Libertyville, IL, contact the experts at Arrow Plumbing, Inc. We’ll fix your sewer without scarring your lawn or your wallet. Call us at (847) 984-3258 to learn more about our services.