Posted on 1/6/2014

Like most homeowners, you expect your home plumbing system to function without incident. However, the winter is a tough time for pipes. Freezing temperatures can cause the water inside pipes to freeze—and since frozen water expands, this can cause pressure to build until the pipe eventually bursts. If left unaddressed, a burst pipe can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. Here’s a closer look at why pipes burst during the winter:

Burst Water Pipe

Quick Temperature Drops
Clear and sunny winter days can be dangerous for pipes. Though the sun brings some degree of warmth during the day, the lack of cloud cover allows the heat to disappear once the sun goes down. This quick drop in temperature can catch many homeowners unawares—those who don’t pay close attention to the weather forecast and take the proper measures may wake up to a minor flood.

Poorly Insulated Pipes
Your home’s walls, floors, and ceilings aren’t the only places that need insulation—your pipes do, too. If any of the pipes in your garage, crawlspaces, or other exposed areas are not properly insulated, there’s a greater chance that the cold air will cause them to freeze. To keep your pipes in good shape through the winter and to reduce your energy bill, make sure exposed pipes are wrapped in special pipe insulation.

Low Thermostat
When some homeowners go on vacation during the winter, they assume that they can save money by turning the thermostat way down or completely off. However, allowing the indoor temperature to drop can cause pipes to freeze and burst. To prevent a holiday disaster, keep your thermostat above 55 at all times and open the cabinets below your home sinks. This will allow warm air to circulate around the pipes and further reduce their chances of freezing.

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