Posted on 11/30/2012

Frozen pipes are a very real risk for Illinois residents, and without the right preventative measures, your plumbing can cause massive water damage and associated costs. Winterizing your plumbing is an important measure to take every year; or you can consult your plumber about long-term solutions that will protect your home season after season.

Many homes have plumbing that goes through unheated spaces, such as crawlspaces and basements. Anytime the outside temperature drops below freezing, especially around 20 degrees Fahrenheit, pipes in these areas are very likely to freeze. Without the right measures taken to protect your home’s plumbing, you can face a burst pipe that releases gallons of water in a very short span of time and causes catastrophic, widespread water damage.

Ice Forming from Water Dripping on Frozen Pipe

Protect Your Plumbing
Now is the time to take action. Examine your home’s plumbing and identify where improvements need to be made. A professional plumber can help you with this by providing expert analysis and the right equipment to winterize your plumbing. For example, when you know freezing weather is at hand, have your outdoor spigots blown dry and covered. Exposed plumbing in crawlspaces or other areas should be wrapped in pipe insulation. Heat tape is another solution that can be activated by a rheostat, providing just enough warmth when necessary to prevent the water inside the pipes from freezing.

Take Preventative Measures
All homeowners should be aware of where the main water shutoff is inside their homes. If your pipes have frozen, shutting off the water can help reduce pressure buildup and prevent a burst pipe. When freezing weather is going to occur overnight, open the faucets in your home to a trickle or a rapid drip. The movement of water within your pipes helps prevent freezing. Opening cabinet doors under sinks and other faucets can allow warm air in your home to circulate, helping to conduct heat down the pipe.

Arrow Plumbing, Inc. can help your home be better prepared for freezing weather this winter by providing the right winterization measures. Call us at (847) 549-9600 or visit us online to learn about our range of plumbing services or to schedule an appointment. We can analyze your home’s plumbing and install improvements that keep your pipes from freezing or bursting this winter.